4 plex roach infestation problem


I need products to control a roach problem in a 4plex treating once per month for one year. What do you recommend?

As explained in our ROACH CONTROL article, achieving success when treating for roaches can only be reached when three conditions are met. 1) You must have full access to the units being treated 2) You must get the tenants to “go along” with your roach control program and 3) You must use a combination of the right products.

With this in mind, I’ll assume you have access to the units you want to treat and that your tenants will follow “good housekeeping” guidelines. If this happens, you’re 95% of the way there.

The last step is insuring the right products are being applied. Though most people feel liquid spraying is the best way to control roaches, in many cases this is not true.¬† Currently we have many types and flavors of cockroach gel and bait which arguably works better than any spray. The great thing about using a bait is that you don’t have to be precise with where you make bait placements. Since the roaches natural do nothing but forage for food, any bait which “tastes” good will naturally attract roaches. All you need to do is get your placements as close to where the roach activity is being¬† reported. Since most roach infestations are identified by visual contact, it’s generally very easy to make such placements. When done right, such placements will quickly yield positive results and have a devastating impact on their numbers.

Now just what roach bait is best? There probably isn’t “best” roach bait but rather the best way to use them. This “best way” seems to be by employing two or three types at one location. Multiple flavors of roach bait applied ensures you’ll get quick acceptance by any roach actively foraging for food. Like people, roaches will vary their diet and like to change from time to time. Using a variety of roach bait ensures that any roach which changes it’s dietary consumption needs or wants will likely be switching over to an alternative bait! This strategy will yield faster and more effective roach management success.

One other benefit when using roach bait is that tenants won’t be able to complain about bad smelling spray or the amount of work they typically have to do in order to prepare their cabinets and other living spaces to be sprayed. In most situations, any of the bait we recommend can be applied safely and effectively with little to no preparation needed by tenants. ROACH GEL comes out in small doses that can be finely controlled with the use of our BLUE BAIT GUN. Small dabs about the size of a grain of rice can be placed every few feet in discreet locations that many times will not be visible to the naked eye. AVERT AEROSOL BAIT can be used for spaces, voids and other more open locations where the placement of gel will not be easy to make. And the new ADVION GEL is a great third flavor to introduce as needed; units which display an ongoing roach problem should probably be retreated with the Advion following the initial clean out or use it right from the start if the problem looks bad enough.

In summary, baiting for roaches is usually the best approach when initially trying to get a roach infestation under control. Four Plex units, condominiums, apartments¬† and even residential homes can all get roaches. These dwellings have so many crumbs laying around as well as great locations for roaches to safely nest and hide it’s a wonder we can ever keep them roach free in the first place. The great advantage of roach bait is the fact that it takes advantage of what roaches do most of the time: forage for food. Start setting out roach bait for your 4-Plex units and I’m sure you’ll be able to get your roach problem under control.

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