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I lived in an apartment that had problems with German Roaches. After several trips by the exterminator, the problem was reduced but not eliminated. About 6 weeks ago, I moved in with family and they have not had roaches. I was careful when packing to make sure I didn’t inadvertently bring any with me.

Shortly after I moved in, I saw 2 or 3 nymphs (each on different days) and one adult, all of which I killed. I have not seen any more for over a month. But this evening, my mom killed one that ran out by the dishwasher and I saw that it had an egg capsule and now I am worried. I immediately disposed of it in the toilet. Do we need to treat for them? I read somewhere that one egg capsule means an infestation within 6 months. IF I don’t see any more does that mean they are gone or is our home just waiting for an infestation? Could someone have just as easily brought them home from the grocery store? I feel terrible, like I am to blame and will be mortified if they have followed me here and cause problems here, but at the same time, I don’t to freak everyone out by saying we have a problem if we don’t.

If you read our on line article about ROACH PROBLEM CONTROL, you’ll learn that when living in an apartment, there is always the possibility that roaches will be foraging to your unit looking to start a new nest. Once they arrive, if you don’t have something in place to “greet” them, there is a chance you will be able to sustain an active population if it is left untreated. That being said, does it mean you have nests now? I cannot say one way or another. But regardless, your action should be the same one way or another: treat on a regular basis.

Since it sounds like you don’t want roaches in your apartment, I suggest you start setting out some of the MAGNUM GEL or the ADVION ROACH GEL. This way any that do arrive unannounced won’t be able to stay around long. Undoubtedly they’ll find your offering, feed and die. This will be something you should always do as long as you are living in any dwelling which has multiple units (residences) all attached to one another.

So to answer your questons… Yes, you should treat for them. Regarding the statement “one egg capsule means an infestation within 6 months”; it’s more like “one capsule means roaches in 30 days” as explained in our article!! And if you don’t see anymore you should still treat to insure there is no chance they can establish themselves. And yes, someone could have brought them from the grocery store. This is always this possibility. And you are allowed to feel terrible if that is what you choose to do but a more pro active stance would be healthier for everyone living there. Treat with the Roach Baits we have listed in our article (no spraying) and you won’t have to worry about them reinfesting anytime soon.

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