German roaches that won’t go away

I am desperate! My family and I moved into a Florida apartment in late August. The night we moved in we realized our apartment was roach infested, there were roaches of all sizes every where: kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Immediately we told our apartment complex and they brought in pest control. Pest control has come to our apartment almost every 2-3 weeks in the last 4 months. They use bait mostly but also use a spray cyclophan (or something along those lines is what they told me it was called). One time the guy also squirted some powder stuff behind our kitchen appliances. We no longer find roaches in the bedrooms and rarely find them in the bathrooms but we still find them in the kitchen. We may go a few days without seeing a roach but then I’ll find a handful in the kitchen some other day. I’ve found them on the floor, on the refrigerator and even INSIDE my drawers. We keep most of our food in the fridge. I clean daily and I discard dead roaches in the toilet. I am so frustrated that 4 months later after constant fumigation we still find roaches.

What can we do to end this problem! Please help :)

I our only solution to move??? Can there be a roach infestation so bad that it can’t be ended? HELP!

If you read our roach control article, you’ll learn that baiting is what we feel is the best approach for most any infestation. And from your message, it would seem that you’ve got bait being applied throughout the unit. But also in our article is a section about “repelling” roaches. This can be especially important when it comes to multiunit housing like apartments. This is because roaches can be cleaned out of one unit but because a neighboring unit has a bad problem, the cleaned out unit is subject to an never ending stream of roach activity. I suspect this is happening in your case.

I say this because really, there is only one of two things happening. One, the roaches you’re seeing are in fact living in your unit or two, they’re coming from an adjoining apartment. Now if it’s situation one, then the bait and spray that’s been applied would take of any living roaches as long as you’ve removed all the bait like you claim  you’ve done. That leaves situation two.

And if you’re getting roaches that are traveling through electric conduits, electric wall sockets, light switches, light fixtures, pipe holes in the wall, etc., the problem will be never ending until you set up a barrier through which foraging roaches won’t ignore. And how do you do this?

Apply DRIONE to every port or route of entry into your unit. Gas lines, electric lines, drain pipes – basically anything that goes into the wall or ceiling is a port through which roaches can enter. And as long as these ports remain open, you’ll no doubt keep open routes of entry that over time could allow lots of roaches to enter.

Apply the Drione with a HAND DUSTER to every void and focus attention on where you mostly see the roaches. Remember, there is no need to make a mess with the application and if you do it right, the dust will not interfere with the gel bait placements. If you stay the course you should be able to eliminate all routes of entry into your space and once you’ve achieved that goal, any roaches still in unit will no doubt consume some bait and die. At that point you’ll finally be roach free.

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