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I have a huge roach problem in my apartment….  I’ve reported my roach infestation to my property manager and they will call the terminators who only paid to treat my unit only (not everyone elses).  About every 2-4 weeks the terminators have been out to spray.  I finally had enough and bought the ultrasonic things that plug into the wall and lined my whole apartment (around the baseboards and cupboards) with boric acid which has worked for the last couple of months… now the are back.
I read your article, and I want to try the roach gel but because I used boric acid all over the place, there really is no place that has already been treated.  Won’t that make the gel not work?  What can I do to make the gel more effective?

The key to solving any roach problem consistency. As explained in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, whether you choose to spray or bait, the key to long term roach control is you must be persistent in your effort. Having the pest control company spray every 2-4 weeks is critical but if you aren’t hitting key nest sites, chances are high the roaches will find these areas and live within the safe boundaries of these untreated regions. Since service technicians aren’t living in the structure and only visit periodically, it’s hard for them to ascertain these locations. The end result is a roach problem that  will remain unless these key locations are dealt with at some point.

To best deal with these areas the service company is probably missing, you can either spray or bait attempting to supplement their effort. Though this can help, in general we don’t see the homeowner can get good results when attempting to help by spraying. This is especially true if the products they employ are “old school” like a dust. Boric Acid is one of these old school products. Though it can have an impact, it’s mode of action is slow and unless the user is skilled on where to best apply it, rarely can one expect to eradicate a roach infestation by using Boric Acid alone. To avoid the short comings of dust formulations, we recommend the bait when supplementing any ongoing roach treatment program.

As explained in our article, the one problem with bait is that it can get contaminated when it comes in contact with other products like a residual dust or liquid. But there are ways to avoid this problem. The simplest is to make your placement where you are sure no one is spraying. This can be in a kitchen cabinet, up under the stove or microwave or maybe in a desk or dresser. There are many “spray free” locations if you just stop and think about it. Remember, the GEL BAIT only needs to be applied where you are seeing the roach activity. As our gel video shows, they love this stuff and will readily find it as long as you make placements close to where the roaches are being seen.

Another technique that’s equally effective is to make your placements on something non absorbing like a sandwich baggie. Small amounts squeezed inside a baggie and then laid out in sensitive areas will both keep the gel from getting contaminated as well as keeping it from touching sensitive objects. Just be sure everyone in the household knows this is being done – especially children – so no one inadvertently eats the placement. Though such placements should be small and non hazardous because only a small amount is needed, you should always avoid having non target animals like pets or people contacting the placements. Label any placements clearly and remove them when the problem is resolved.

Two last options that can really help are the ROACH BAIT STATIONS and ROACH TRAPS. The Traps are easy to use and can be placed anywhere as shown in this video.

The Bait Stations use the same active as the Gel and side by side are close in performance over the long run. Though the roaches don’t typically feed on the stations as quickly as the gel, you can get both the gel and the stations and then “inject” small amounts of gel into the stations just prior to placing them out. This will both protect the gel from getting contaminated as well as lure the roaches to the bait station that much faster. If you have further questions or concerns, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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