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We are in process of moving lots of boxes of our daughter’s belongings from an infested condo to our home.

We have not brought them inside, they are in our garage and greenhouse. I bombed the greenhouse 16 days ago, have not bombed boxes in garage.

A contractor told us about you, says you have better stuff than Home Depot.

1)       What can we use to treat the boxes?

2)       What can we use to kill the devils in her condo? We bombed her condo 2 days ago but there are still live roaches in there.

You don’t state if the condo is empty now or not. This will factor in on what you can use. As explained in our ROACH CONTROL article, the GEL BAIT is almost always the easiest and most effective roach remedy. But if you have full access to the key areas and locations in the condo, spraying can be quite effective. The ORTHENE PRO PELLETS with some GENTROL would be a great combination to employ. If the condo has been cleaned out and doesn’t have any readily available food around, the roaches will be ready to start foraging for food. If you’ve done a good job spraying, they’ll walk over treated surfaces which in theory should kill any that come in contact with the Orthene.

For the boxes still in storage, I’d stop “bombing”. Aerosols won’t penetrate the deep recesses of the boxes and if they did, it’s safe to say most of what you’re storing in them would be contaminated. Instead I suggest baiting with either the ROACH BAIT STATIONS or the ROACH GEL. Since there shouldn’t be much if any food close by, any roaches you transported should be real hungry and ready to feed. If so, the bait will quickly be found. Any that feed will die in a day or two.

All these items we have in stock and you can either come by to pick them up or have us ship them out. If you are in the Atlanta area, deliveries will only take 1 day. Give us a call at 770-985-9392 if you have further questions.

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June 25, 2011

guest @ 10:18 pm #

Hello: I live in a small condo building that’s about 100 years old. A few weeks ago I put my place on the market and signed a disclosure statement saying that there had never been an insect infestation–and it was true, at the time.

Within a day or two I started seeing one, and then two or so roaches a day. I’m frantic because while I’m using a spray, there’s no point in calling an exterminator unless the whole building is done, and to do that I’d have to get the other owners to agree to it, and it would take weeks to get it to happen.

Meanwhile, I’m controlling them (barely) by spraying everywhere–and of course I don’t sleep at all anymore. I’m thinking of calling an exterminator privately and having him do my condo only. I don’t want to sell the place with roaches in it, but I can’t stand to live with this problem.

Any suggestions?


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