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I have been seeing 1-2 roaches each night in my apartment but I can’t find any when I look. I’ve been living here for over a year and have never seen any till this past month. I don’t think I brought any home so I’m thinking they’re coming from one of the other units. Is there any chance of me getting rid of them if the apartments alongside mine are all infested?

Living in an apartment building does present certain problems. Because you are so close to other tenants, there is an increased risk that nuisance insects will migrate from a neighbor to your living space. Since roaches like to live with other roaches and where there is a good supply of food, they tend to stay where they were born. But as populations increase and conditions get crowded (which definitely can happen in most any apartment unit) some will migrate to new locations out away from where they were born. I suspect this what you’re experiencing.

At this time you can try spraying to keep them out but this will be tought to accomplish. There are just too many ways for them them get inside most attached units and keeping a chemical barrier all around is virtually impossible. A better approach is to set out some Roach Gel where you are most likely to see them. This is normally the kitchen and bathroom but if you are seeing them elsewhere, apply some there too. If you are uncertain just how many areas have activity, set out some Roach Traps to monitor the problem. Our Roach Control article explains a lot more in detail what you might expect to happen but the main reason why the gel is so effective in apartment buildings is because it takes advantage of what the foraging roaches want: food. If you get your key areas treated I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to keep their population in check.

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