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hey, ive been reading other posts about roaches in apts. i just have 1 question– we dont have an extensive problem here (though these are the waterbugs and they are gigantic and scare the hell out of me). so most of put entry-points, to the best of my knowledge, are sealed.. i was thinking about getting the pheremone traps (my youngest daughter is about to crawl and i would like to avaid chemicals whenever possible). Would these traps end up attracting more roaches then would have normally come? I would love to zap all these things, but dont especally want my small apt to be the center of operations…
thank you so much for your time!! it is VERY appreciated!

Roaches are very social. They prefer to be around other roaches and unlike many mammals and even many other species of insects, they don’t fight over territory or mates. This means in general, colonies tend to get larger and larger over time and never “pushing” members away but quite the opposite. This is why they can be such a massive problem; their instinctive behavior lends itself to nests getting large.

When conditions for the colony are adverse, they will migrate. This is especially true for the larger roaches many of us refer to as waterbugs. These roaches are fast, strong and can travel long distances to avoid danger. Remember, danger to a roach could be a change of temperature, flooding or even extreme heat. Whatever the cause; if you reside close to an active population of waterbugs, chances are some will forage into your apartment if you leave it unprotected.

Since it sounds like you don’t want to spray, the WATERBUG PHEROMONE TRAPS would be a great option to start with for now. As stated above, roaches don’t want to leave where they have it so good. And yes, the traps do smell good to them but they don’t smell so good that they will lure roaches from remote areas to your apartment. What’s more likely to happen is that some waterbugs will be migrating away from a problem somewhere close to your unit. They’ll gain access to your location through a pipe or electric line power outlet and then “bam”, they’re inside! Once inside, they’ll immediately look for shelter, food and other roaches. If they are in the range of the traps, they’ll likely enter expecting to find other roaches but in fact will only get stuck.

So in summary, installing several of these traps throughout your apartment would be a wise defense for now. If you end up catching 1-5 waterbugs a month, the traps will probably do an adequate job of keeping them under control. But if you start catching more, I suggest going with some of the GEL. Very safe around mammals, this product is very effective on roaches and will keep them under wraps for sure.

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