flying roaches


I see what looks like flying roaches outside on my deck at night. Is it possible that’s what these are?

Most all roaches have wings and many can fly. Furthermore, there are several species that live outside. The Pennsylvania Wood Roach is quite common as is the Asian Cockroach. Most of these are active at night and attracted to lights. If left to forage on your home, they’ll end up nesting and ultimately inside. If you’ve already got activity, you should consider two treatments.

First, spray the outside of the structure with some ORTHENE WP which is discussed in our COCKROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. It will kill off any foraging on the home. If you’ve got siding and suspect they could be living up under it, dust with DRIONE to get rid of them quickly.

Second, if you see any inside, set out some COCKROACH TRAPS along with MAXFORCE GEL for quick control in living areas.

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