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Hi, my husband and I went to a food pantry and a couple days later I found an adult roach on my coffee pot in the morning under the carafe. I killed it but two days later we are now having little roaches all over the counter tops. We have killed about 10-15 so far in one day. I have ordered some ADVION GEL. In the meantime I have put BORIC ACID powder along the countertop sides, under the sink in cracks and crevices etc.. It just seems strange to me that I would see baby roaches that fast. We live in a mobile home in the country and have never seen a roach until just last week.

Actually, what you’re describing is quite normal. As our COCKROACH CONTROL ARTICLE explains, most homeowners will only see 1% of the local roach population so given that you’ve only seen one, it means there are many others around that could have laid eggs. And since baby roaches are not nearly as timid or afraid like adult roaches, they tend to wander out in the open. Therefore you see them a lot more frequently compared to adult roaches. This also means that even if you only have 5 -10 babies but 50 adults, the odds are high you’ll mostly be seeing babies.

At this point I hope you’ve left plenty of spaces to bait and allow the roaches to move. You see, dust’s like Boric Acid will repel roaches and chase them away. This is a good thing to do when you’re trying to prevent getting them. But once you get them it’s best not to dust but instead to allow the roaches free roam and attack them with a gel roach bait. This way you know exactly where they’re located, where to bait, etc. Additionally, gel based products don’t do well when they interact with dust (the dust contaminates the gel) so for now, I strongly recommend vacuuming up the BORIC ACID ASAP so you don’t make it near impossible for the gel to work.

Now once you vacuumed up all the dust, wipe the area down with a damp paper towel or rag to remove any excess and you’ll have the area ready for a gel treatment. So in theory, if you clean up properly, the roaches should once again have free roam. This way the ADVION can do what it does best and if it does, the roaches will be gone in 3-6 weeks. At that time you can go ahead and set out Boric Acid for roach prevention and not have it interfere with any other treatment.

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