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I know of two families living side by side to me in a apartment building. Both have a high concentration of german cockroaches. There are several small children in my unit so spraying is out of the question. What bait, dust and trap scenario would you recommend? Thank You.

If you read through our ROACH CONTROL article, you’ll learn that the best approach when dealing with roaches in an apartment building is to use the MAXFORCE GEL. This way any roaches that forage into your unit will barely have a chance of surviving. This is true because foraging roaches have one thing in mind: find food. And since they love the gel bait so much, once they enter your unit, they’ll surely eat some gel and die.

Roach Gel:

Now we also suggest setting out some ROACH TRAPS throughout your living space. These can be a valuable tool because they’ll help to alert you to where roaches are entering, what routes they’re using in your apartment, etc. And many times the traps will tell you something you didn’t realize before like where to place more bait or where some entry point holes need to be sealed.

Roach Traps:

Lastly, if you know of any entry points the roaches are using that can’t be sealed, applying some dust known as DRIONE to the void or space can stop them from moving into your living space. Drione is a highly repellent to roaches and they’ll avoid treated areas. This makes it a great product to use for electric outlets, under switch plate covers and around windows and doorways roaches like to use when they move about.

Drione lasts up to a year when applied to these protected areas so you don’t have to use it frequently. Just be sure to keep it out of the gel because it will contaminate any bait and the roaches won’t accept bait that’s been tainted.


More information on all these products and roaches can be found here:

Roach Control:

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