caulking cracks and using gel for roaches


First off, I’d like to say that this site has been the most helpful site I’ve found so far. I only wish I could have found it sooner. Unfortunately, we have had roaches in our apartment for a while and have been already sprayed three times for it. We try to be as clean as humanly possible because of this issue and also because we have a dog. But we are fed up with the returning roaches. Yesterday, we had the pest control guy used gel instead and we are getting our landlord to caulk opens cracks. We have also laid bait traps in all the places we have seen the roaches. My questions are if I wanted to use the bait gel you mentioned, should I wait until the cracks are caulked? And how long does the gel take to start being effective. I know you mentioned in your article that it might a few days to see some dead roaches, but I’ve seen three live ones so far today since the gel and traps went down. Thank you so much for your help.

There is no need to wait when wanting to use ROACH GEL. Since roaches feed all the time, the sooner you have some out for them to find the sooner you’ll have acceptance and start seeing dead roaches. And again, as our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE explains, it will take several days for roaches to die. Even then it doesn’t mean you’ll actually see any dead ones. Most will die hidden somewhere out of sight and since roaches are cannibalistic, many will be consumed by other roaches upon death. This process will leave nothing behind but more roach feces.

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