german roach treatment with 2 kids and 1 dog


We live in an apartment and about two months ago out neighbors upstairs said they say three big roaches in their apartment. and then a month after they told us that we started seeing some in our apartment i’ve living here for over 11 years and never have i had a roach problem until now. My husband said he saw a very big one run behind the stove and ever since i’ve been seeing small baby ones and i am worried for my kids and our dog. i have never seen a big one only small ones and i mostly see them in the kitchen and the bathroom but i have seen them in the living room.we have never seen them in the bedrooms and i don’t have enough money for an exterminator so please HELP ME MY KIDS ARE SCARED!

First, there is nothing to be scared about so tell everyone to stay calm. As our GERMAN ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE explains, these guys can most definitely be controlled with the right products and a little patience.

Second, in the article you’ll see several control options with one of the most common employed being a bait. No doubt you’ll get the best results if you use 2-3 different baits but if you’re on a limited budget, get the MAXFORCE GEL and with this product alone I’m sure you’ll knock out any roaches currently in your apartment as well any that might enter in the coming months. All you’ll need to do is refresh the placements every 2-3 months and you should be able to keep them at bay.

Lastly, doing this work yourself will no doubt save you plenty of money compared to using a service and since we’re selling what the professionals use, you can in fact get the same results with a little help from us on how to use the products we’re recommending.

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