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I would like to know how much it would cost to exterminate cockroach infestation in a three bedroomed apartment. I would also like to know when a heat treatment is required in the extermination process.

To answer your last question first; if you follow our bait or spray method of treating, no heat treatments would be required. Let me add that heat treating for roach control is still a developing method of pest eradication. When compared to traditional methods, it pales in results and will generally take more time, cost and effort. No doubt heat treatments can be very effective in certain situations like those which are presented to business that either process or manufacture. But in the home the concept is difficult to employ. There are just so many places for roach eggs to hide which in the end mean the chances of reinfestation are high. To avoid this, we suggest going with either the spray or baiting methods outlined in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE.

As for the cost of these options? That can vary dramatically depending on the magnitude of the infestation. For example, if you have 25-50 roaches in your apartment, a 2 OZ TUBE of Roach Gel would be enough to take care of the problem. By making small placements in any room where you’ve seen roach activity, they’ll no doubt eat it and die. And since any roaches that eat the dead roaches will die too the impact from one tube of gel can be long lasting. But if you had 500-1000 roaches, you’d probably need a few tubes of gel to get rid of them all. So when it comes to gauging the cost of baiting for roaches, the problem largely hinges on the size of the area you need to treat and how many roaches are active in this area.

Alternatively, a thorough and complete spraying of just 1 gallon of mixed up ORTHENE can in theory kill 25 to as many as 25,000 roaches! But the key word here is “thorough”. The average apartment has so many places for roaches to hide it’s very difficult to get it all treated in one pass. The net result is that some roaches will survive the initial applications which means more Orthene will have to be applied. And over time this can add up so it’s more difficult to gauge the cost of this approach compared to baiting because when spraying, it can really vary depending on the degree to which the applicator is “skilled” at spraying. In our experience (almost 20 years of selling to the public), we’ve learned the baiting process is by far the easier of both methods for the average person to master. This is probably due to the fact that the roaches will come looking for the gel once it’s applied so you only have to get it close to where they live to be effective. Conversely roaches will tend to avoid spray so it can be a long and laborious task trying to get them all with this approach unless you’re able to deliver spray to every nook, cranny and hiding space where they seek protection. This is a tough goal to accomplish for sure.

In summary, most apartments will require 3-6 tubes of gel per year to both get a problem under control and keep the apartment that way. No doubt some can get by with much less gel being used and others will need a lot more due to the size of the local population. But in the end, the Gel is usually the best way to treat for roaches when it comes to handling the problem yourself.

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