how to get rid of german roaches


Can you tell me how to get rid of german roaches? I’ve had them for the past two years and I keep spraying and spraying but they never seem to die. I know I have killed a lot but after a few weeks they’re back again. The main problem seem to be in my kitchen cabinets. It’s really tough to spray in there because I have to take everything else out beforehand. Is there any way I can treat this area better and with less effort? I just wan these roaches gone.

We recommend treating areas like kitchen cabinets with our Roach Gel. It’s just so much safer and easier to use for cabinets and other sensitive areas. More importantly, it works really good. Since roaches are attracted to food more than anything, the bait attractant in the gel is effective. It uses an attractant they can’t resist and once they feed, they’ll die. Be sure to place enough out and don’t spray in the baited areas to insure the bait can do it’s job without being contaminated. When bait is used properly, you should be able to get rid of german roaches in less than two months as explained in our Roach Control article.

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