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Ive been fighting german roaches for about 6 months now i finally started to use raid. It seems to be working. What else can I use to keep the roaches under control and to keep them away?

If you read through our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn spraying is one way to get control of this pest. But in most cases, it’s tough to get all areas sprayed so in the end, some will either be missed or learn to avoid the spray. For this reasons roaches tend to be a persistent pest once they get inside the average home.

For this reason we feel the best approach is to bait them with ROACH GEL. As our article explains, this approach takes advantage of that which all roaches are seeking more than anything: food. By luring them with a bait they cannot ignore, you’ll effectively get every one in your home as long as you make placements close to where you find activity. Roach gel is by far the easiest approach to use and maintain so if you’re looking to both prevent and get them under control, change over to this product and I’m sure you’ll get the long term results you desire.

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