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i hear scratchin or diggin in my bedroom but Never see any creepy crawlies…I have owned my 75yr old home now 9 yrs and yes im a clean freak ne who…2 days ago i seen a huge flying bug on my tv stand killed it and studied it…it was huge…lol so i wasn’t to concerned until i found the same bug flying throughout my house….killed and looked it up and this monster flying creepy crawler is a wood roach…eew my question is

A: is that the digging in my wall i hear cus everyone thinks i’ve lost it cus they don’t hear it but i have good ears its faint but i hear it

B: If possible then how do I get to them in my wall i read ur articles and i do have branches over my house but i keep my gutters clean…i do have air-conditioning but is secured the way u described drips are caught in a bucket and then water used in my hanging plants on the porch… so that leads to my last question C: why now…if this is infact a nested situation

It’s quite possible the sound you’re hearing in the wall is coming from an active roach population. They will readily invest hollow voids and when active (especially the large ones), you might be able to hear the sound of “pitter patter” as they move about their nest sites. This sound would be faint and really hard to notice unless you were right alongside an active nest.

As explained in our LARGE ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, it’s best to use a dust for crawl spaces or wall voids. And in that article along with our article on GERMAN ROACHES, you’ll see the dust we suggest is the DRIONE. Fast acting and long lasting, it’s ideal for these areas.

I also suggest you do some treating outside. Although you’re collecting the water and recycling it, just having a container of it sitting around will increase the local humidity which in turn will lure roaches. This is especially true in the summer months when the air temps can get high. This is also the season when large roaches will forage inside the home so it’s if you don’t get them while they’re active just outside the house, more are likely to get inside. I suggest either spraying the entire area with the CYPERMETHRIN listed in our article or baiting the area with the MAXFORCE GRANULES. Use one or the other; both are effective with the spray being working much faster compared to the bait.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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Maxforce Granules:

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