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My mother’s house is about 30 feet away from a rental house that has a serious cockroach problem, and as a result most of the houses in the immediate area, my mother’s included, have a problem now too. We initially tried traps and bombs and these aren’t cutting it. I was glad to come upon this site and find products that will probably take care of things, but until the landlord of that neighboring house evicts the tenants and gets the roaches eradicated (he has Terminix going in there regularly even now), my mother’s house will be vulnerable to more infestation. We will be getting some of your baits to get things started inside, but which one of your sprays would be recommended as a barrier to be put down outside the house? Thanks for such an informative site!

Definitely the CYPERMETHRIN. This active is both fast working and repellent by nature. Spray it on the building and in the turf. If you cover the entire area between the two houses, you’ll stop any from migrating to your mothers house. ‘

I also suggest you apply some COMPLETE GRANULES to the turf first, prior to spraying, as they will help provide longer protection and overall better results. They’ll also take care of any that may be nesting in the turf which cockroaches will commonly do.

As you now know, German cockroach infestations can get large and when left uncared for, will spread from house to house throughout the neighborhood. Be sure to treat the inside with some ROACH GEL so you’ve got the inside protected. And be sure to spray the yard again if you find out the tenants are about to be evicted. Many times the act of tenants leaving can cause a large exodus of roaches from the infested house seeking a new location and during this time, they’ll leave the rental house in droves. It’s then that you’ll want to refresh your granules and Cypermethrin to make sure you’ve got the area well treated.

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