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So my stepson’s have brought bedbugs and lice into our home multiple times and we no longer allow items other than themselves to be brought into our home. They immediately get changed into freshly washed clothes upon arrival and their clothes are washed in hot water and dryed twice. About three weeks ago there was a zipper school binder sent with them. It was put in a grocery bag and tied up and left on the porch set under a table. Out of sight out of mind. Forgot about it.

A few days ago cleaning off the porch I picked up the bag and there was a pile of small german cockroaches underneath it. Maybe 15 or so. Put sticky traps on the porch and found two in it the next morning but have also found some crawling on the porch randomly. Over the last 3 days other than the original pile I’d say I’ve found like 25-30 of the lil bugger. None really big or with wings (that I’ve seen). Just wooden porch with roof .  Not enclosed. Mobile home in a trailer park type community. Haven’t seen any at all inside but and paranoid. Whats the best defense for keeping them out  of our home and ridding the outside issue?

First, get some CYPERMETHRIN and spray the porch, siding and roof edges of the home thoroughly. Expect to apply 1-2 gallons of mixed material (1 oz of Cypermethrin per gallon of water). Egg sacs are typically placed in cracks, under anything loose, under siding etc. so try to cover any vulnerable hidden area so the surfaces are protected. If done right, the treatment will kill the hatching young roaches no matter where they emerge.

No doubt there have been some egg casings placed on your porch and/or surrounding area and since each one can hatch out 20-30 roaches, you can quickly develop a significant problem if left untreated.

Inside the home you can spray the Cypermethrin too but a better option would be to apply PHANTOM AEROSOL to baseboards, cupboards, etc. Its odorless and goes on “dry” making it a better option for use where liquids can be messy. But unlike the Cypermethrin which kills and repels, Phantom won’t be noticed by insects like roaches so they’ll readily walk over the treatment, pick up a lethal dose and die. Plus they will actively “share” it with other roaches making the net impact important.

Alternatively you can apply the ROACH GEL to these same areas instead of the Phantom. This way if any roaches did get inside, they’d quickly find the gel, feed and die thus preventing a full blown infestation.


Phantom Aerosol:

Roach Gel:

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