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I just moved into my first apartment in May of this year and so far I have saw 10 roaches. So, I went out and bought Raid Max Bug Barrier. Today is my second day using the spray and it works on contact. One day on the way back to my apartment, I saw a roach. Then the next day I looked closer at where I saw the roach and I saw another one, they are coming from the door to the trash shoot. The trash shoot was closed about 2 weeks ago, so we have to take our trash to the dumpster now. So, I bought a Twin Draft Guard for my door. After I put it on I sprayed it with the Raid spray and sprayed the edges of the carpet, the bathroom, kitchen and living area. I notcied when I sprayed the kitchen counter edges and living area walls, a few roaches came out. I have not sprayed the whole apartment yet because I haven’t unpacked everything yet. The question I want to ask is, do I have a serious/bad problem with roaches?

You most definitely have a serious roach problem. Based on your message, it would seem they are active in many locations and will require extensive treatments. At this point I strongly suggest you refrain from spraying and read our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. In the article you’ll learn about the ROACH GEL and why it’s the best way to treat when dealing with a problem such as yours. A good baiting program will no doubt solve this problem a lot faster and efficiently but this can only be achieved if you stop spraying. This is mainly because the spray will contaminate the bait but also because the spray tends to “spread” or disperse the roaches. Leaving them as is and then deploying nothing but 1-2 baits will prove easier and more effective by a long shot.

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