tenting house to treat for roaches


My mother’s house is infested with roaches. They are even outside on the porch. They are in the central heat and air unit outside. Ia there such a thing of putting a tent over the house to exterminate? Help.

As a general rule, houses are not “tented” to treat for roaches. That being said, I’m sure exceptions can be made. But this would involve some red tape (getting local authorities to approve the treatment) as well as a large cost. Since the process would be much the same as any other fumigation, I’m thinking it would cost $5000.00 to $15,000.00 depending on the size of the home.

For now I suggest you contact a few service companies to see what they recommend and how much they’d charge. Before you do, I also suggest you read through our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE so you’ll be better prepared to both understand what’s needed to control this pest and what the more traditional treatments entail. Lastly, if you decide the cost of getting a service is too much, give us a call toll free for further advice. Since we’re selling exactly what the service companies use, many people find treating the problem themselves to be the best option. Our toll free is 1-800-877-7290.

Here is a direct link to the information and mentioned above:

Roach Control Article:  http://www.germanroaches.com/roach-control

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