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I’m currently living with my aunts in Bakersfield, CA and we have possibly the worst roach problem ever! My aunts inherited the house about 9 yrs ago when my grandmother passed and we have tried everything, raid, black flag, roach motels, baits, even pinesole. Nothing even makes a dent in the roach population. They are everywhere!!! They’re in the bathrooms, the kitchen, and all three rooms!!! The house was built around 1939-1945 could that be the problem? I’m afraid for my aunts and my family’s health. Please help!

I can’t do the treatment for you since we’re on the other side of the country but I can tell you the problem can be controlled. As our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE explains, it does take time and persistence. I suggest you quit doing everything and go to a strictly bait regime. If you set out ROACH GEL and AVERT GEL in every room where they’re active I’m sure you can control them. The key will be making sure you renew the applications every 2 weeks until you don’t see any activity. In most cases people who use bait in a bad situation simply don’t use enough. They’ll start out fine but in the end if you don’t keep putting out fresh bait, the roaches will find another food supply and continue to thrive. In the end the only way to knock them out completely will be vigilant baiting program making sure to get some applied everywhere the roaches are seen.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Roach Control Article:  http://www.germanroaches.com/roach-control#roach_bait

Roach Gel:  http://www.bugspray.com/item/magnum-roach-gel.html

Avert Gel:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page222.html

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