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We recently moved into an apartment with a massive german roach problem. It has been sprayed once and baited once so far. I have also liberally applied Borax powder everywhere (I mean everywhere! I Boraxed the walls with a paint roller, dusted the inside of outlets, I lay Borax down nightly in the bathroom and kitchen, and I borax the trash liner anytime I throw something away). My hubby wants to buy your Drione Dust, Maxforce Gel and Avert gel but I am worried that they will be ineffective because of all the Borax¬† (it can easily be swept off the floor but how can I clean it from the outlets? etc). What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of the products in conjunction with all the Borax I’ve used?

First, the two dusts will “work” together without any issues. There won’t be any benefit if the two mix but there won’t be any problems or “canceling” out of the Drione so it won’t matter if you apply Drione over areas where Borax was once applied.

Second, since the Borax must be “ingested” to have an impact, it won’t work as well compared to the Drione. In fact, roaches can easily move over treated surfaces without picking up enough Borax to have an impact so it’s not really all that effective. True it can kill some if they get enough on their body and then ingest it while “cleaning” it off themselves but this won’t impact enough roaches to have a profound impact.

Third, the best way to clean up any pesticide dust is to use a vacuum cleaner, water and paper towels. Try to vacuum any and all locations where the borax was applied. You should be able to remove most if not all of it this way. Follow up by wiping down these areas (everywhere but the electric outlets) with a damp rag and most if not all will be removed.

Lastly, the bait won’t be effective in areas where the Drione has been applied. I suggest following the guidelines in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE regarding their use in apartments. As explained, the Drione is best used to keep roaches out of one apartment since they’ll avoid where it’s been applied. This means you should use it along perimeters and boundaries but not so much in the middle of living areas. For those areas, the bait would be ideal. This way any roaches that get into living areas will find your placements as they forage for food. Once ingested, they’ll die before they have a chance to start nesting.

Good luck! I have to say that I fully expect you’ll be able to get rid of this roach problem because you are taking a “pro active” stand and treating aggressively. Smart move for sure!

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