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Do your products work on brownbanded cockroaches too? The local extension service says I have brownbanded or brown banded cockroaches but to me, they look like regular roaches. They’re in my cupboards, on my countertops and pretty much all over in my kitchen. I’ve ready your article but before I get anything, I just want to make sure the products will work the same on these guys.

Brown Banded Cockroaches are very similar to german roaches. They like to live where people live and eat the foods we like to eat. They can breed rapidly and though not as densely distributed throughout the United States, they’re still a major problem. The good news is that the same products used on german roaches will work on brown banded roaches too.

First, read through our on line COCKROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. As your reading, decide if the control methods listed are something you want to attempt. Second, decide if you want to bait or spray. As is the case with german roaches, baiting the cabinets and other hard to spray areas up high is suggested. Spraying should be done in other not-so-important areas of the house where the brown banded cockroaches aren’t active. This will insure the COCKROACH GEL BAIT will have a good chance to work without getting contaminated.

Keep some ROACH GLUE TRAPS around in other areas of the house as monitors. They’ll do a good job alerting you to any that may be displaced or foraging in remote areas. Getting these areas treated immediately will insure they don’t reinfest the kitchen because in the end, that’s where they’ll probably end up if left alone.

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