I’m allergic to most chemical smells so I want something I can use for a cockroach problem that doesn’t have an odor. Are there any odorless roach control products that actually work? Since you want something that’s odorless, there is only one product that we’ll recommend. The Roach Gel is the only product that won’t […]

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I’ve been seeing some cockroaches in my tv. It gets really warm and hot and I think the cockroaches like living in this heat. I’m afraid of spraying in there. Is there anything I can use on this appliance that won’t ruin it? Cockroaches love getting into anything thats warm and provides shelter and low […]

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I’m seeing cockroaches in my stove. They come out at night and crawl out onto my kitchen countertops. I don’t want to spray the stove but I don’t want the cockroaches around. What can I do thats safe and effective????????? Treating cockroaches that are nesting in your stove will require some patience. If you’ve found […]

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