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I’ve got roaches in my kitchen and living room. Not too many but enough. What good roach bomb can you recommend?

We don’t recommend any type of bomb or total release aerosol for roaches. Remember, cockroaches like to hide and are very good at sensing anything that poses a threat or danger. Aerosols released from a roach control “bomb” have never really worked well for them since they’ll know it’s coming and avoid the treatment by going deeper into the recesses of your appliances and wall voids. Will you see some dead roaches following your treatment? Yes. But since cockroaches can reproduce so quickly, your problem will be back in no time and in most cases it will be worse the next time around. Not only that, but total release aerosols project chemical all over everything making a “chemical mess”. Food areas can be virtually contaminated and clean ups are tough to near impossible following the treatment. Lastly, the net result is that 99.9% of the material released ends up where it won’t help and will essentially be wasted.

To get control of your problem, we suggest you apply some ROACH GEL listed in our GERMAN ROACH CONTROLARTICLE . It’s easy to use and highly effective. You didn’t mention what kind of roaches you have and this could be important. German roaches live inside and the bait alone will solve the problem. But if you have a roach species penetrating from outside, you’ll need to do some spraying out there with the CYPERMETHRIN.

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