brown gel stuff in cupboard


I recently moved into an apartment and was told it used to have a roach problem. There is a lot of brown gel in the cupboards and I think this is what they were using to treat the problem. I still see roaches dying and sometimes I find them sitting on this brown stuff dead. Is this some kind of roach bait and is it safe in my cupboards?

What you’re describing does in fact sound like the Roach Gel commonly used for Roach Control. It’s one of the safest materials around and can be applied in cupboards and other areas of the kitchen and home without major concerns or worries. I would suggest you replace the gel every quarter (three months) to insure that any new roaches finding their way into your apartment won’t be able to live and multiply. One of the great things about the gel is that you can apply it to the cabinets and other sensitive areas without a lot of of preparation as explained in our on line article about German Roaches.

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