poison for german roaches


I‘ve got a bad roach problem in my kitchen and want to treat. What’s the best poison for these roaches? I don’t want to spray in my cabinets but will if you think it would be best. Right now they seem to be concentrated in our oven and sink area.

First, take a little time to review our on line article on COCKROACH CONTROL. In this article you’ll learn about two baits we highly recommend for use in sensitive areas like kitchens. A combination of MAXFORCE GEL and PT AVERT will definitely take care of them in your kitchen. These two baits are very safe to use and can be applied inside cabinets and other areas where german roaches like to live.

Second, consider setting out some COCKROACH TRAPS throughout the rest of the home to monitor the situation. If you note one room as having more of a problem than another area, either bait it or spray with some PT ORTHENE or ORTHENE WP. Once you get the main nest locations you should be able to keep this pest under control and I’m sure the bait will prove to be your best option but spraying the “other” areas of the house is suggested to make sure they don’t relocate.

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