smokey brown roach


I see all the products you have for normal house cockroaches but I have smokey brown roaches. Will the gel work on them?

The gel will definitely work if you are treating inside. Apply it to any area in the home where you see them as our on line Cockroach Control Article explains. Since most smokey brown roach problems are on the outside of the building, you’ll probably have to address the issue out there with a residual product. Smokey brown roaches are attracted to light and will commonly hang around deck or porch night lights. For these areas the Orthene WP is a better option. Spray it over all the surfaces where you are finding activity and it will knock them out pretty quickly. If you see them hanging around low to the ground or back yard deck, apply some Maxforce Bait Granules. This granular roach bait will be found by any smokey brown’s close by and once they feed on it they’ll die.

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