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We are renting a condo in a 5 unit complex and have always had some roaches. The landlord has attempted to spray a few times but can never get access to all the units. We are both immune compromised and now are looking to move. I’ve read you’re article and identify with all the individuals. Our roaches are everywhere and on everything. The landlord has refused to tent our building saying this won’t work. However, all the units have this problem and not everyone is going to the lengths that we have to try to get rid of them. They have agreed to come out and spray again. However, I feel that will not be sufficient in our situation. More extreme measures need to be taken. Would tenting be effective? If not, what can we do because we can’t live like this anymore. We have been fighting these roaches for 2 years now. PLEASE HELP!

Tenting should not be done. First, it’s very expensive. For the average home it generally costs $5,000 to $10,000. For a 5 unit condo? Who knows. Second, this kind of procedure is rarely if ever used for roach control and in this day and age, the only time it’s employed is for termites or some other kind of wood destroying organism.

But I also believe that spraying isn’t the answer. As you read in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, it’s very hard to get control of a standard roach infestation in just a single family home when it’s empty when using the old “spray” methods. For multi unit complexes which are occupied? I’d say it’s pretty much impossible. The main reason for this is largely based on the lack of having access to all the key spots that will need treatments. More importantly, the roaches can be in so many locations that it’s just not possible to treat them all via spraying unless you are able to come over a several month period, keep detailed records of what you did, where the roaches are, etc., and use the same technicians over and over who truly want to get rid of the problem. Getting any company to meet all these variables is near impossible these days so I would say the spraying method probably won’t work given the information ¬†you’ve provided.

That being said, I do believe you can get control with bait. And even if the neighbors didn’t follow the routine, you could do it without them following suite. Basically what you’ll need to do is to set out nothing but the ADVION and MAXFORCE ROACH GEL in all the rooms where you see activity. Once placed out, I’m certain the roaches in your unit will feed and die. More importantly, any foraging into your unit will find your placements (as long as you keep them fresh), eat some and die so that future infestations could be avoided no matter how bad it gets in your neighbors living areas.

So for now, I’d recommend the baiting only approach. I also suggest you set out some ROACH TRAPS throughout your unit so you can monitor the situation. In most cases the traps will catch roaches in locations that before were being ignored. This extra bit of information is both helpful and sometimes critical in solving roach problems.

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