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I’m looking for your most effective roach poison. Currently I’m seeing them around my back door where I feed my dog. I think they’re getting in this food but I haven’t seen that happen just yet. Is it Ok to treat there and what do i use?

As a general rule, you should remove your pets dog dish and anything of else of his prior to treating. I recommend placing his feeding station elsewhere for a week or two following the treatment till you know the problem is satisfactorily under control.

As for the treatment, there are many options you could employ here that will work. The quickest option would be the ORTHENE WP featured in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. It’s both fast working and deadly on roaches. It would be wise to spray the whole house so expect to use a gallon or two. If you’re not seeing them inside, you can limit your treatments to just the outside for now. Expect to do this once a month when it’s warm outside and you should be able to keep this pest under control.

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