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Got a problem with those german brown roaches. Just moved into this house. Come to find out there are roaches there. We had a professional pest guy come out and spray but still seeing them come out. I want to use the gel method but as I had metioned we already sprayed. They seem to be concentrated more toward the kitchen .

Should I wipe the surface clean to remove all residual spray before gel application? We have thoroughly cleaned all areas but they are coming out possibly looking for food I think ? This is why I want to bait them suckers. I need them gone!!!!

Wiping down areas where you want to bait prior to setting out some gel can never hurt as long as you use just water to clean. If you use any kind of strong detergent, you can easily contaminate the bait just as bad as it would be if you left a previous spray treatment. That being said, if you’re seeing roaches on countertops and in cabinets and these areas were never sprayed directly, there would be no need to worry. Just make your placements where you know there was no chemical applied and you shouldn’t have any problem.

Alternatively you can make gel bait placements on small pieces of wax paper or aluminum foil. Just cut up either material into small pieces (around the size of a dime) and apply a dab of gel to these little pieces. Next, lay them out where you’re seeing the roaches. Be sure to keep the gel where kids and pets can’t reach it, just the roaches, and they should easily find your placements. Using this technique will allow you to¬†effectively monitor the bait you place out as well as move it around on the fly should you find roaches active somewhere you didn’t put out any gel. And it will serve you by protecting the bait from any spray.

In the end, the roaches will no doubt find your placements one way or the other and as long as you have enough out, you should get good control in a week or two. Baiting is usually a much easier way to treat roaches compared to spraying because it’s easier and takes advantage of what roaches like to do: eat!

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