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I have a rental condo with a bad infestation of German roaches. Before I can rent it out I need to control them. From reading your articles, I’m going to use gel baits. There is a bad oder in the unit. I removed the carpet. Cleaned with bleach and pine sol, but still smell it. I’m starting to think it is from the roach feces inside the walls. Is this possible?

Absolutely yes! Roach feces (as well as the roaches themselves) are allergens and definitely “smell”. This odor will permeate from wall voids and other areas where they may have been nesting. And don’t waste your time with bleach or other cleaners for the smell; yes it will remove the mess but not the odor. To neutralize the odor, you need to spray or wipe down all surfaces with some NNZ.

This material works on all kinds of odors and simply put is amazing in how it can neutralize any foul scent. Use it to wipe down the walls, counter-tops, up inside cabinets and basically anywhere roaches have been seen or known to have been nesting.

NNz is water based and works immediately. You’ll begin to notice the odor fading as you work.

To treat, simply add 8 oz to a gallon of water. Use a rag, sponge or mop to apply it over all surfaces. It comes packed in a 64 oz jug and will make 8 gallons of mixed solution. Each gallon will cover at least 500 sq/ft so in general, 1 jug is more than enough product to treat any home or apartment thoroughly.




NNZ can also be pumped in the wall if you suspect roaches were living in any of these spaces. Keep in mind roaches usually reside in appliances, furniture and other areas inside the living space and though we tend to believe they live in walls, it’s a lot more likely the bulk of the population is somewhere out in the open. But if you treat all surfaces out in the open and still notice a lingering odor in the wall, it may require treatment to.

For wall voids, use any standard PUMP SPRAYER. This can also be used for spraying down walls, floors, rugs, etc. as it will allow you to treat rapidly.

Pump Sprayer



In some cases, pumping the NNz into the wall as a foam will yield better results since a liquid tends to “fall” straight down. For these areas, You may need our FOAMING TOOL. This sprayer effectively converts liquids into a “shaving cream” type foam. This foam can then be pumped into small holes you create in the wall in between the wall studs. The foam will effectively carry the NNz in all directions thus ensuring complete and thorough coverage.




Now once the condo has been descented with NNz and the odor is gone (should only take a few days), you can begin treatments with some of the gel baits we have listed in our article here:

Roach Gel Bait Kit:

Give us a call if you have further questions or want to place an order.


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