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Ok so here’s the deal… When I first moved into my condo around August of last year I didn’t see a SINGLE roach. Around Christmas time I saw one and didn’t see another for a long time. Now in the past month or so it seems they are EVERYWHERE. I can go in the kitchen at night and see one or two large ones and at least ten babies. They seem to be moving in the cracks under the molding on the wall. I have wood floors and keep a clean clutter free house. I’m getting really creeped out! I contacted the management company and they are giving me the run around so I even tried calling Orkin for a quote and they said they cannot come out because it is a condo. My neighbors are pigs (sorry to be so blunt) and I can only imagine what is going on in their units. I live on the third floor with 6 units on each level. What can I do to get a hold of the situation?? We purchased the condo before all of this happened so as much as I’d like to move it just isn’t an option. My husband wants to buy foggers but the reviews i have read are 50/50 and with so many I doubt it will work. I have a dog and elementary aged children as well. Please help! Thank you.

If you review our ROACH CONTROL article, you’ll learn that there are a few ways you can control this pest. Clearly there is a unit close to yours that is generating roaches. And since you cannot control this population, your best bet will be to put up a line of defense that will both keep roaches out of your condo and for the ones that get into your living space, stop them from establishing nests and reproducing.

To accomplish this goal, you can forget fogging. As we explain throughout this site, foggers do nothing but spew chemical all over everything. This means 99.9% of it goes where it does no good. And since roaches spend much of their time hiding, this form of treating will only kill a small percentage of the local population making it both ineffective and messy. More info on why foggers won’t work can be seen in this post:

But what does work in situations like this are two products.

The first is DRIONE. Drione is a dust which roaches hate. They will avoid it at all costs so this can be applied to any route of entry to your condo. Using a HAND DUSTER, you should apply Drione to electric outlets, into light switch outlets, into light fixtures, where pipes like water and drain lines come through the wall under sinks, etc. By treating these areas, you can effectively take away all the key entry points to your living space which can really help minimize migrating roaches from entering your condo.


Hand Duster:

Don’t forget to treat ceiling voids, around door frames, window frames and any heating ducts or pipes too. Remember, roaches will travel on any pipe or conduit shared between condos so the more of these entry ways you take away, the better.

Now for the living area, all you need to do is apply some ROACH GEL BAIT. This product works very well. When applied where roaches are active, they’ll quickly find it, eat some and die. Placements need only be small, about the size of a grain of rice, and will quickly be found and consumed by any nearby roaches. The key is to keep renewing the gel so there is always a fresh supply available. This insures the local roaches are well “fed” which in turn will lead to their demise.

Roach Gel:

Since the gel bait won’t affect mammals like pets and people, even if we eat some it won’t hurt us. This doesn’t mean you should be feeding it to the pet or kids of course but the point is that these baits are very safe when used in the living spaces. And when used properly, placements will be next to impossible to detect and should be discreet anyway so they should go unnoticed when used properly.

Follow this routine and you should be able to knock out any roaches living in your condo within 1-2 weeks. And if you do a good job with the Drione, you should be able to keep new roaches out indefinitely since Drione can last a year or more when used inside.

Here is a link to our roach control article which you should read as it will help you understand this pest and by knowing all you can about them, the treatment process will be that much easier to handle. Good luck!

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