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I have heard about using bait for roaches and would like to try some. I’ve been seeing roaches in my house and don’t want to spray. What is the best roach killer bait?

There are many types of bait available these days for roaches. Baiting is both easy and effective. The key is making placements where the roaches are active so they’ll quickly find it and start to feed. Fortunately the latest formulations do a good job of combining active ingredients with attractants that most any roach cannot resist.

The best bait’s we’ve seen work are the MAXFORCE GEL and the PT-300 AVERT GEL listed in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. These two products combined will many times wipe out a roach population in as little as a week. Remember to make placements as explained in our article and I’m sure you’ll get the kind of results you want.

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best roach killer bait


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