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I’ve been wanting to try some of the roach gel but I can’t believe it actually works. I’ve always sprayed for roach control but in my new apartment, the spray doesn’t seem to be working. It does kill some but they never seem to be gone. I know they’re living under my sink but I think they might be up higher, like where the drawers fit in the cabinet, and I’m having a hard time reaching the area with the spray. Would the gel be better for this application and have you had good results with it?

The Roach Gel is a great tool for sensitive or hard to reach areas because it uses food as the attractant that gets the roaches to feed. Remember, roaches are motivated by the need to eat. This drive for food is what make the gel so effective. They’ll easily find your placements and once they eat some they’ll die. Roach Gel is about as easy of a product to use since it doesn’t require you to empty your cabinets nor do you need to spray exactly where the roaches might be hiding. You just have to get it close the roaches will find it as explained in our roach control article. And the featured video in our article shows roaches climbing out of the cabinet to get some as we’re applying it! That’s how much they love it.

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