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My building management company is asking me to prep my kitchen for a third roach treatment since May. This is because I saw/reported one roach 15 days after the second treatment.
I am asking them to consider a more comprehensive approach. (My third floor unit connects to four other units next to and below me, with an interior stair-well on the other side.)
Also, I saw/reported one roach in the second floor stair-well days before the aforementioned sighting.
To me, one roach in the second floor stair-well indicates that this infestation is more widespread.

Would you agree?

I am unwilling to keep treating my kitchen, unless there is a comprehensive attack to the problem.
If you were the managment company, what would you recommend?
Your information and product line is very helpful. I will be buying some product as soon as I sort out the managment company’s response.
I look forward to your reply. Thank-you.

Having been in pest control for over 30 years, I can state with confidence that it is quite rare to hear or see any management company willing to treat in excess or more than what might be needed. Though I’ve seen it happen, in 99% of the cases where there are legitimate roach infestation problems, the infestations are related to management not doing enough. Based on “frequency” you cited above (…third roach treatment since May), it sounds like they are close to the mark on where they should be based on the quantity of roaches being reported by you.

If it is true that during these past three months you’ve only seen two roaches, I would have to say that these citings would be expected based on the length of time involved, the size of the units involved (more than one floor) and the fact that treatments are being done in the first place. In most any home here in the South, when it ‘s warm outside during the summer months seeing roaches is about as easy as going out at night with a flashlight. Inevitably some of these make their way inside. To see 3-5 a month could happen without any infestation being present in or on the building so for you to be seeing 1-2 in a few months isn’t anything I’d worry about. That being said, there could be more information you didn’t provide which may lead me to believe something different.

The bottom line is that if you want to get rid of the roaches in your unit, having it treated on a regular basis will be key. Furthermore, the hot spots or key areas must be treated during these regular sessions. Clearly the kitchens are such areas but other areas should not be ignored. If your management company is willing to treat the kitchen with something that’s mild like MAXFORCE GEL or the ADVION GEL, I would gladly accept these treatments and be happy. Even if you aren’t seeing any roaches in the kitchen. Now if they are asking that you empty all your cupboards so they can spray the area from top to bottom and you aren’t seeing one bug in the area? I would say this would be overkill and not needed.

In summary I don’t have enough information to make a good assessment of your problem or how it should be treated. It does sound like your management company is making an effort and I must confess that in this day and age, this is impressive and rare. Management companies are notorious for ignoring such problems so I think it could be much worse for you. That being said, at this time I would continue to accept the treatments they are offering and then consider supplementing their effort with some ROACH BAIT and ROACH TRAPS just to be sure enough is being done. If you start catching roaches in other areas of your unit using our roach traps, it would be quite easy for you to make a case as to where treatments should then be made. Clearly a single roach sighting isn’t cause for alarm but if you can show an area has a concentrated population present, our traps will accomplish this goal. But for now, just seeing one randomly foraging isn’t reason to be concerned.

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