how much will a roach treatment cost?


can you tell me how much will be to treat a small single home?

This is a tough question to answer specifically. I say this because in the end, it will depend largely on how many roaches are living in the structure. For example, if you have 25 or less roaches, one tube of ROACH GEL will be enough. In fact it would be enough to treat several times so you might go through half with the initial treatment and then use the second half 1-2 months later.

But if you have a bad infestation, it could require several tubes of gel to knock the roaches out for good. This partly due to the fact that the more roaches you have locally, the more they’ll eat. Other variables include how long it will take for all of them to be affected, how dispersed the infestation might be, etc.

Now if you decide to spray with some ORTHENE and GENTROL, the same is true. Mild infestations can many times be resolved with 1-2 applications. But when several hundred roaches are nesting in the home, it will no doubt require more material to knock them out.

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