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I have read your articles on roaches. I inherited my mother’s house. It has been vacant for some time but is is relatively clean inside and we just finished cleaning up the yards. We had a good supply of Cockroaches which we have treated with rather good results with normal spray. However, when we took to the yard we found millions of what I have been told are German Roaches. They are everywhere. I want to eliminate them. The surrounding neighborhood has deterioated badly in the last few years. What was once a nice little family neighborhood is now rundown rental properties which are in need of repair or torn down. In fact the city removed one house next to our property and I think will be removing one accross the street. So what ever I use will need a good residual property. I have only seen one of the German Roaches in the house and believe it came in the front door with us but they are everwhere outside. Please help me by recommending the right chemical for indoor and outdoor use for both Cockroaches and Geman Roaches.

You stated that you read through our online GERMAN ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE which is where we list the products you’ll need to use for this problem. As detailed in the article, the ROACH GEL is definitely the way to go inside. It’s easy to apply, readily accepted by the roaches and will knock out any problem.

But using the Gel outside is tough if not impossible to use successfully due to a host of reasons. Combine this with the level of infestation you claim is present, I’d go with the CYPERMETHRIN instead. It can be applied to the turf, plants and siding of the home safely and will provide a quick knockdown, repellancy and in the end, control. I recommend treating the entire property at least once using about 1 finished gallon of product for every 1000 sq/ft of turf. Roaches will nest down in the ground under leaf litter, grass clippings and general debris. In southern climates they’ll live outside all year long and since mulch, compost piles, grass clippings, thatch and other organic debris will stay “warm” as it decomposes, there is usually a zone of heat created that will enable them to get through the harshest of winters remaining active all the while.

Applications of Cypermethrin to the turf will result in a quick kill of any insects living there. Spraying the side of the home will kill and repel any from the structure which in your case could be important. Based on what is happening around the neighborhood, it’s entirely likely more will be foraging onto your property on a regular basis so you’ll be prone to reinfestation. To keep this from happening, apply some COMPLETE GRANULES to the turf every 1-2 months at the rate of 20 lbs per 10,000 sq/ft. And if you intend on keeping any porch or patio lights on around the house, spray the outside house siding with the Cypermethrin during this same time interval to keep new ones off the building as well.

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