roaches in bathroom and living room


I have them in my kitchen I have them in my bathroom and i have recently now seen them in my living room… They were not here a couple months ago and now all the sudden bam… I have roaches… I want them gone! How can this be accomplished. The fastest simplest way to get it done!!! Please Help. Thank you.

If you read through our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn the ROACH GEL is what we feel is the easiest and most effective way to treat a roach infestation. That’s because you only have to set it out where you see activity and in a week or two, most all will be gone. Clearly spraying would be faster but that would only prove true if you knew where each and every roach is hiding. The reality of using a spray is that you’ll miss some and in the end these few will reproduce and reinfest effectively thwarting your effort. For this reason we believe the gel is the best way to go.

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