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My mother has a severe problem with german roaches….she gave my brother a couch….how should he treat the couch before he uses it….he does not want to carry any roaches into his home of course.

He’ll need to first vacuum it as thoroughly as possible. If the bottom side has a box spring compartment, he should remove any protective barrier (fabric or plastic is commonly stapled over this area and can easily be removed) to gain access. While cleaning it he should look for evidence (roach droppings, egg sacs, etc.).

After vacuuming it, he should apply ROACH GEL throughout the entire inside from the bottom access point. Use 1/2 tube for the initial treatment. Roaches won’t be able to ignore this offering and in all likelihood, this will be fed upon by any roach in the area which will die.

But to be 100% sure the problem is under control, he should install ROACH BAIT STATIONS as well. These can be left on the top of the sofa every night for at least 2 months after he gets the couch. Have him place out 6-12, every night, to make sure no roach is missed.

The great thing about baiting with the stations is that you can remove them anytime and replace them as needed. This way if people are coming over, you can make the couch presentable and then later that evening place the stations out again without making a mess or spraying anything.

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