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we are having problems with roaches in outlets/light switches. i plan on adding insulation to all outlets/switches. is there one on the market that helps keep the roaches out of the house?

No. In fact, adding insulation to outlets and switch boxes is generally not suggested for several reasons. The first is that this space should be left open so the area can be maintained. The connections inside these boxes will many times break down and need to be serviced. By leaving the space open, routine maintenance can be performed without having to remove insulation or any other obstruction.

Second, electric boxes are natural fire hazards because they tend to hold heat and as well electricity. This is a dangerous combination. Keeping them open and accessible reduces the fire hazard. Furthermore, the insulation being sold on the market place these days has so many “natural” recycled additives, there could very well be a natural electric conductor added that could increase the likelihood of something bad happening. Since insulation is not intended to be used in these areas, it could very well have something in it not designed to be there so again, it’s strongly suggested that you do not seal these important ports found throughout most any building.

So what you can do when roaches take harborage in this area? The good news is this problem is easy to treat. If you read through our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll read about a product called DRIONE. This dust is long lasting and ideally suited for using in electric outlets and switches. All you need to do is remove the cover to the switch or outlet and puff some Drione in using a HAND DUSTER. 2-3 puffs is all that is needed. Next, replace the cover and you’re done. Roaches inside the treated area will die immediately but more importantly, the Drione will last years in this environment so you rarely if ever have to retreat.

I have personally been using Drione in this manner for over 30 years and at this time I can say it’s still one of the best products on the market. Long lasting and extremely effective when used in dry environments, Drione is the best for this need.

On  a related note, it does appear that roaches like electricity. And though there is no scientific proof to substantiate the claim, there appears to be something about the electro magnetism of electric current that attracts roaches. So whether it’s the electricity itself or the heat that tends to be around where electricity is flowing, no doubt roaches commonly nest in electric outlets, electric switches, electric appliances and anything that conducts, stores or uses electricity. Fortunately Drione is the one material ideally suited for this area because it can be applied to all these sensitive areas without damaging the wiring or posing a fire hazard.

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