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Hi, we live in southern MS where its hot and humid 8 months of the year.

We recently built a raised addition totally out of rough cut pine as exterior siding and I’ve never seen so many roaches on the exterior of the building at night.  They seem to love the rough cut lumber.  We live in the woods and I figure if they are on the outside of the building, there on the inside as well.  In the past, if we saw a few inside, I would set a bomb in the attic and would seem to work for  a month or two.

I feel I need to be more pro-active in attacking these guys where they enter the building.

It seems to be a German roach and your Orthere + additive of Gentrol Vial seem to be a good start.  On location of applying product,….would you suggest  the piers the house rests on or the siding itself?

Thanks for the help.

If you review our online ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we have several spray options that will handle this problem. No doubt the ORTHENE WP with GENTROL added to the tank mix would help. Since rough cut wood tends to be very absorbent, you’ll get better lasting results with a wettable powder formulation like the Orthene. CYPERMETHRIN WP would be a good choice too and since it’s more repellent compared to the Orthene, it might provide faster results.

FYI, there are many kinds of roaches that will live and thrive outside including wood, Asian, oriental and even German roach species. To get established, they’ll need a good food supply and both plants and trees will many times provide all they need. Rough cut or any freshly cut lumber tends to leak sap and in particular, pine sap is both highly nutritious and palatable. I suspect they’re either eating the sap or hiding amongst the joints or seams the lumber might inadvertently be providing.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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