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Can you spray raid in light socket, yes or no?

No. In general, one must be extra careful when spraying anything liquid or aerosol around electric outlets, light sockets and  in general, anything “electrical”. This includes TV’s, computers, microwaves, etc. Liquids can “short out” electric appliances and should never be sprayed on them; aerosols contain solvents which are highly corrosive and can both short out electric connections as well as cause the kind of damage that can lead to fires. The corrosive nature of most any aerosol will rot away electric connections, wires, fittings and sockets.

The best treatment for use around sensitive electric appliances, light sockets and other areas which host electricity is either ROACH GEL or DRIONE DUST. The Roach Gel is easy and effective with just small dabs about the size of a grain of rice needed. This means you can usually bait these areas without making a mess or leaving much trace following the application. The only problem with gel around electricity is that in some cases the area will get too warm causing the gel to melt. This can definitely happen in most any light socket so if the light sockets you want to treat will be hosting light bulbs that are kept on, go with the Drione.

The second good option is Drione Dust which won’t be affected by heat. Another big advantage with Drione is that once it’s applied, the treatment will last pretty much forever (or at least as long as the light socket stays dry). All it takes is a light amount puffed into the socket using a HAND DUSTER. Drione is highly repellent to any roach and 2-3 light puffs will do the trick.

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