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I need to know how to control cockroaches in my tv room. I don’t know where they came from but right now they seem to be located on the sofa and end table. Should i spray or bait for them?

Cockroach control can be done by both baiting and spraying. There really isn’t one that’s better than the other but there is usually a better choice based on the local infestation. First, I suggest you review our online COCKROACH CONTROL ARTICLE which does a good job of summarizing all the cockroach products we now have available. The sprays like ORTHENE WP and PT-280 ORTHENE are excellent options and strong enough to contend with any local cockroach problem. If there has been a lot of food on or around the end table and sofa, the sprays may be one of your best options. You’ll probably need to get the bottom side of this furniture pretty well if you want good control but in the end, the effort will reward you with quick results.

Baiting with the COCKROACH GEL is another choice that can work too. The only limitation to baiting is that it tends to take longer and if there is a lot of local food readily available, the cockroaches won’t feed in earnest. This could make getting control of the cockroach problem a bit more tedious and harder to obtain. In summary, if you want to bait, you’ll need to do a lot of cleaning up to insure there isn’t a supply of food scraps around the area or else they will assuredly feed on the other food over the bait.

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