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Do you have any indoor foggers for use in an attic for roaches?

If you review our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE, you’l learn that foggers don’t work for roaches. The two big short comings of this approach is that foggers spew chemical all over which means 99.9% of what’s sprayed never gets to where the roaches are hiding. The second problem with foggers is that roaches can sense the presence of anything sprayed making it difficult to use this approach unless you know for sure where they’re nesting and directly spray the area using actives that are detailed in our article. And since foggers don’t contain the recommended actives, they’re rarely strong enough to handle any common roach infestation anyway.

Now what would the best approach would be to dust the attic space with some DRIONE. This application would last a year or more and no doubt would make the area uninhabitable by any insect. And by using Drione as explained in our article, you can essentially exclude roaches and any other pest from gaining access to your living spaces by blocking off all these routes of entry with the Drione. Do this by treating electric outlets, under switch plate covers, around air duct vents and light fixtures.


Now if you’re seeing roaches inside the home, set out some ROACH GEL. This product will be found by any roach that gets hungry and once they feed, they’ll die. Placements can be made discreetly and out of sight. And roaches that die from the bait will kill other roaches so you can effectively impact large populations with just a little bit of product.

Roach Gel:

We also recommend setting out some ROACH TRAPS around the home in case there is activity you’ve missed. These traps do a good job of both catching roaches and alerting you to where problems may exist that before were not thought to have any roach activity.

Roach Traps:

Lastly, if you think the roaches are coming in from outside the home, spray the exterior of the home with the CYPERMETHRIN (also detailed in our article). By spraying the entire home with several gallons of mixed solution, you can put in place a protective barrier through which no insect can penetrate.


Roach Control:

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