killing german roaches


I’ve been killing german roaches for the past 2 months and I’m getting tired of it. Can I ever get rid of them? They keep coming out onto my kitchen countertops late in the evening and I’m probably seeing 2-5 a day. I’ve been spraying but I don’t think spraying my baseboard is ever going to get rid of the roaches in my cabinets. What can I do? I’m not a dirty person but these german roaches make me fell this way.

Killing german roaches is easy to do. Getting complete control not so easy. Though spraying the baseboard might help, you should apply some of the MAXFORCE ROACH GEL seen in our GERMAN ROACH CONTROL article deep into the cabinets and other sensitive areas where roaches like to hide. They can’t resist and will readily feed on it which will be their demise for sure. Roaches can successfully live above treated areas and though spraying works well when you have access to all the surfaces over which they might be walking, failure to treat key locations means they’ll be around indefinitely. Get some of the roach gel applied throughout the kitchen and any other room you’ve seen them and I’m sure you’ll get the results you desire.

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