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Our problem is not the house; it is the car we bought less than a month ago. At first I didn’t know they were roaches but now I am conviced. Have you ever treated a car? We are taking the car back to have them look for a nest and try to fix the problem. Do you think that will work? Do you think in the 20 some days we’ve had the car that the roaches may have gotten into our house? We park in the driveway not the garage.

Roaches can and will live in a car if given the chance. Remember, there are many things that find their way into the cracks and crevices of car seats that can sustain a roach infestation. All it takes is one roach getting out of a box or bag being used to transport something you bought at a local store. This migrating roach will seek a safe hiding place and then, during the night, forage and feed on all the tiny crumbs and food items that can be found in most any car. The good news is that doing roach control in a car is pretty easy.

Forget using any type of aerosol or spray. The confined area makes such application both hazardous and unwarranted. Go with roach bait. Use some MAXFORCE GEL we talk about in our ROACH CONTROL ARTICLE. Roaches love this stuff. Small placements can be made throughout the cab of the vehicle in discreet locations that don’t have to be visible. The roaches will find it and once they feed will meet their demise. It will probably take2-3 treatments to knock them out completely. Be sure and keep the bait fresh by adding some weekly till they’re all dead and gone. Since it takes 3-4 weeks for all the egg sacs to hatch, these young roaches won’t be feeding for some time. In general, it will take 20-40 days after the initial application for them to eat any. But if you keep applying more gel, there will be some waiting for them when they finally do emerge.

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