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I’ve been seeing roaches in my oven and need something safe to use. I can’t afford to through it out so I need something to spray which can be washed away so the oven will be safe to use again. What can I use that won’t poison my family?

There is no need to replace your oven following the treatment. If done properly, you’ll be able to kill off the unwanted roaches and still be able to use the oven like you could before the roaches ever arrived.

The first thing you need to do is remove all the food you can, as well as pans and pots, from the oven. Getting it clean will prevent the roaches from having any local food supply so the treatment will be more effective.

Once the oven is emptied and cleaned, apply our Roach Gel bait to the perimeter as well as the back and up under the front kickplate. For most ovens, making 20-30 small placements will do the job. This gel bait is highly attractive to the roaches. They’ll quickly find it and feed – especially if you have removed all alternate food options – and this will lead to their certain death. The roach gel is odorless and easy to use as explained in our roach control article. Expect most of the roaches to be dead in the first 2 weeks. Apply more gel after 2 weeks and by the 5-6 week, the problem will probably be resolved. If you still see roaches in the oven after 6 weeks, apply one more series of placements to get complete control. You can clean out the oven again after the problem is resolved and no more roaches are thought to be present.

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