Cockroach control in truck


I’ve got a service truck that’s got a cockroach problem. My guys have been eating their lunch in it and now we see cockroaches coming out from under the seat and the doors. I don’t want to spray in there and I’ve had them empty everything out but what can I use to get rid of them?

Cockroach control in vehicles like a car or truck can be tricky. The bottom line is you need to first get it cleaned out which it sounds like you may have already done. If so, I suggest you place out some bait (gel) up under the seats, under the dashboard discreetly on the door panels. If you’ve done a good job removing all the food supplies, the cockroaches will be desparate to find some food and the cockroach gel will be quickly accepted. Since the gel is both odorless and easy to apply, it’s ideal for such a sensitive area.

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