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We are living in German Roach Infested building and have decided to move since landlord does not taken appropriate measures to kill these roaches. We have given up the fight and would like to know the best way to treat the few items and boxes we will be moving. Can you please help???

For every box you pack that’s 16x16x16 or less, place a single ROACH BAIT STATION in it during the packing process. For boxes larger, use two stations. These roach bait stations contain a bait deep inside the station which roaches love. If you pack any roaches during the move, they’ll be hungry and no doubt smell the bait. This will lead them to the station where they’ll feed and die.

When you arrive at your new abode and unpack, recycle the roach stations by placing them out in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. We also suggest you set out some ROACH TRAPS out in as many rooms as possible. Both the bait stations and the roach traps are non toxic to people and pets but work very well at controlling roaches. More importantly, they’ll alert you to any roaches you may have brought with you  or if the new residence already has roaches.

You should also consider setting out a FIRST ALERT BED BUG TRAP when you first move in. These traps are amazing at catching bed bugs and will do so immediately when set out and it gets dark. This way if the new building has any bed bugs, you’ll know within a day so you can decide to stay or move. Right now you may have roaches on your mind but in the last year, we’ve come to learn that bed bugs are running equal with roaches when it comes to listing the most likely pest you’ll find in your new home.

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